Camping for Gay People in North America

Gays and Lesbians (Bisexuals and Transgender folks too) who are looking for Gay Camping will not lack for opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors at various camps throughout the USA and Canada. Nor will they have to wonder how to find out where camps that serve them are located.

Camping Directories:

Information of where camps are located that serves gay men or lesbians specifically (some camp serve only either male or female patrons) or even straight owned camps that are openly friendly to LGBT folks is Available via directories.

Gay Camping USA or Gay Camping Canada provides a directory that lists particulars of various camps in an easy to read manner and is organized to maximize your camping experience. These directories list camps by state or province and whether the camp is for gay males or lesbians.

They also indicate of the camp provides basic, primitive tenting, cabins, RV hookups or other amenities. Helpful information also included covers if the campground requires membership or not.

Keep in mind that a straight campground that is considered LGBT friendly, while open to others this may not mean that openly expression is advised. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing, but it is something to be aware of for your camping enjoyment.
Notable Campgrounds in the USA:

Camp Mars

Located in Florida, this campground offers a mixture of forested land and tropical atmosphere. Camp Mars offers hook ups for RVs, cabins and areas for more primitive type camping. They recently added Wi-Fi throughout their campgrounds. They also have a heated-in-ground pool. Please be aware this is a private membership camp that serves gay males.

Lake Concow Campground

Located in Northern California, this campground is friendly to all LGBTQ people. They have a Native American sweat lodge, real teepees, and a stage for performances. This camp is located near the lake and provides RV hookups, cabins and areas for tent camping as well. This campground includes amenities like cold-showers, flush-toilets, and picnic areas as well.

Notable campgrounds in Canada:

Riverside Campground

Located near Tweed, Ontario, this camp owned and operated by gay individuals was opened in June of 2011. Riverside exclusively serves gay males over the age of 19. This is a private membership camp that provides tent camping as well as RV hookups and cabins. They offer camping reservations for a day, week, or even the month.

Cedars Campground

Located in Ontario, CA near the Niagara, this camp is LGBT friendly. It was originally opened by George and Zada Moyer. The campground is currently managed and owned by gay individuals.

The USA and Canada offer many campgrounds to serve LGBTQ folks. Directories provide information that you will need to decide which camp you want to experience in your adventures in the great outdoors.

Look for listings about who they serve (exclusive male or female, etc.), amenities, and type of camping offered (tenting, RVs, and cabins). The information is ready for your next trip so you can spend less time worrying and more time playing outside.